Technical Recommendations

Dized Portal

Apart from the Content Creation Tools the Dized Portal doesn’t have special technical requirements.

Content Creation Tool (CCT)

The tools don’t have hard limitations per se when it comes to systems used. However, as it’s a visual tool, a more powerful computer does give a better user experience when creating content. Below is listed some hardware and software recommendations.


Recommended System Specifications

  • Operating System: 64-bit
  • Browser: Google Chrome
  • CPU: i7 gen7 or newer with 10k+ PassMark rating
  • GPU: For example 1070GTX or similar that supports
    Google Chrome’s hardware acceleration
  • Memory: 16GB+

Recommended Internet Specifications

It’s also good to note that the content created is stored in the cloud. This means there’s constant traffic between the Dized servers and the creator’s computer. A good internet connection helps in better experience too.

  • Internet: 10Mb+
  • Browser: Google Chrome (see software on right)


BROWSER: The only specific software recommendation is using the Google Chrome browser.

Dized CTT technically works on other browsers too but it’s more likely unexpected issues will appear. In this case it’s recommended to test the issue with Google Chrome too before reporting it to Dized, as we can currently offer support only for Google Chrome.


Below we have listed some software that can be used without a charge. If you decide to use them we recommend supporting these softwares and their on-going development.


  • Graphics Editor: Gimp (Linux, Windows, MacOS)
    • Gimp does not support converting colorspace from CMYK to RGB. In case you need to there there are other graphics editors that support it, like Krita (Linux, Windows, MacOS).
  • 3D Editor: Blender (Linux, Windows, MacOS)
  • Audio Editor: Audacity (Linux, Windows, MacOS)