Quality Standards

The goal of the Dized platform is to offer premium quality digital contents and services for tabletop game players. All content offered must adhere to a certain minimum level of quality, which is checked during the Dized Review before any content is published into the platform.

Content on Dized aims to offer a good user experience and be suitable for all.

Good User Experience

  • The most important aspect of the content is being able to give players good gaming experiences, that include:
    • A good design of content,
    • Easy to understand intuitive UI,
    • Content that takes into account different kinds of players, and their learning styles and capabilities, and
    • Proper testing before content is released.
  • Content on Dized should look, sound and feel premium. These can be achieved with:
    • Using only high quality audiovisual assets,
    • Making sure content performs well, for example by making sure assets are appropriately formatted,
    • Designing content elements well,
    • Making sure that the written text is diligent and the grammar correct
    • Keeping the focus on the essential, and
    • Taking in account different kinds of players, and their learning styles and capabilities.

Suitable for All

  • Content on Dized must be suitable for families and children to use, or it has to be published with an age restriction.
  • Dized is an inclusive platform and does not allow contents that are discriminatory, racist, abusive or otherwise deemed to be in bad taste.