Source Materials

Below is a list of typical assets needed for creating content into Dized.

Note that not everything is necessarily needed, but the more the content creator provides, the better-looking content they can create:

Physical Assets

  • One (1) copy of the game if required by the Content Creator

Digital Assets – 2D

  • Game component layered and/or vector art (Adobe formats preferred. 300dpi)
  • Measurements of game components (including all game elements such as game boards, tokens, tiles, meeples, dice, game box, etc.
  • Layered Box art (2D art with dielines and not a 3D image, 300dpi)
  • Layered/vector game logo(s)
  • Layered/vector publisher logo(s)
  • Fonts
  • Rulebook PDF (layered format if possible) and/or Design files. For example, an InDesign file with the linked assests (separate images) collected helps a LOT when creating the Rules content into Dized.
  • Other misc. game-related art that might help in creating or augmenting the content.

Digital Assets – 3D

  • 3D-models for miniatures and any other non-standard board game element in the game. 
    Please note that these models should not have a high poly-count (less than 10,000 polys each).
  • Accepted formats: .OBJ, .FBX, or .BLEND format.

Other Media

  • Any other game related media that might help in creating the content. Such as trailer videos, music, sound effects etc.
  • Most recent version of the rules, or the version the Publisher wants to use
  • Current rule FAQ, if there is one

Assets can be delivered digitally via service like Dropbox or Google Drive.