Custom Icons

Your game may have concepts, items, or symbols, etc. that may not be adequately covered by the generic icons (available soon directly in the Asset Manager). We encourage that things like game-specific runes, sigils, symbols, etc. should be represented with icons in the rulebook whenever possible. Simplifying the details and streamlining the forms to a recognizable representation is necessary in many cases.

Making your game art into icons

Your game has great, detailed, colourful art. It isn’t usually already a collection one-colour, simplified symbol designed for easy recognition. Even the symbols used in your game might have textures and depth, or sit on complex backgrounds. These are not ideal as icons, especially in the user interface for an app designed to deliver reference information!

Below is an example of an interpretation of some of the tokens from the game Race To The North Pole into icons for Dized.

The details have been simplified in the icons above and the shapes and angles are adjusted to show the subjects more directly. The huskie dog has the most noticeable changes; the body was not necessary in communicating the “dog” image. The artist also opted for a more typical huskie colouring pattern than the sled dog on the token. Choices like this will make the icon more easily readable at small sizes in the Dized App.
Icons for Dized Rules are created at no less than 256 pixels by 256 pixels. It is strongly recommended that all icons be created as vector artwork, exported as bitmap. In future this affords more opportunities and flexibility.