Problems & Bugs

Good to Know

  • Dized Content Creation Tools (CCT) are still in BETA, so bugs and unexpected behaviour is to be expected. Acknowledging this makes working with the tool a lot better experience.
  • Dized CCT is a cloud based service and most actions require communication with the Dized servers. Sometimes due to big amount of data or just general lag there can be a delay before certain things happen. Patience is a virtue.
  • When encountering unexpected behaviour, it might be a good idea just to refresh the tool by reloading the CCT page in the browser.

 NOTE: It’s worthwhile to acknowledge that when using a beta version of a tool, there is always possibility to lose some work. Save often!

Reporting Bugs

In order to fix bugs Dized needs to know about them first. You can help by reporting bugs and unexpected behaviour when you encounter them in the Dized Portal.

Fixing a bug typically requires the behaviour to be something that can be repeated by the developers, so a good description of what happened and where, and how it can be replicated helps a lot.

You can report your feedback and bugs in this link, or alternatively you can head to our Discord channel and report them there!