Welcome to the Dized Portal Guide!

The Dized Portal is directed for tabletop game industry operators. Dized Portal is where industry operators can manage their Dized related matters and manage the content they offer for their playing audiences.

Dized itself is a platform for tabletop game players. If you ended here by accident and were actually looking for Dized as a user (a consumer) click here!

This online guide will help you getting the full benefit from Dized! If you are new to the Dized Portal feel free to browse this guide. If you want to get into content creation immediately, start with the Getting Started page!

Dized is a platform that allows third parties to create digital content for players.

Anyone can be a content creator, as long as you have good computer skills and experience with tabletop games!

Publishing content which involves any IPR (Immaterial Property Rights) requires the permission of the IP holder(s).

Dized Content Creation Tools are used with a web browser.

Playmore Games and Dized Intro

Dized Rules and Tutorials Explained

Get Started Now!

You can begin creating content on Dized now! It’s easy to see what it’s all about, from beginning your first project to publishing your created Rules and Tutorial for a great game (yours, or for someone else)!

NOTE: The Dized Portal and Toolset currently supports only Google Chrome browser!


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