Logic Editor Actions

Each Action is one task, like change the value stored in a variable or go to a step.
  1. Add a new Action
  2. Delete Action
  3. Move Action (to reorganize the order of Actions)
  • Arithmetic Actions

    Only for number variables

  • IncrementVariable

    Increase the value of a Variable by defined amount.
  • DecrementVariable

    Decrease the value of a Variable by defined amount.
  • MultiplyVariable

    Multiply the value in a Variable by defined amount.
  • DivideVariable

    Divide the value in a Variable by defined amount rounded to nearest whole number.
  • Flow Control Actions

  • SetNextBlock

    Set a new value for $NextBlock. This is a shortcut for SetVariable $NextBlock, which does the same thing.
    NOTE: It’s important to make sure that the flow always continues from the Logic Step. Otherwise it’s the end of the Tutorial.
  • GoToNext

    Go to $NextBlock immediately. Rest of the Actions are cancelled.
    NOTE: This action is automatically run at the end of the Logic Step unless the logic has been cancelled by another action first.
  • GoToBlock

    Cancel the rest of the logic and go to a specific Step.
  • Variable Control Actions

  • SetVariable

    Set a value into a variable. Note that input options depends on variable type – for example it’s not possible to write text into a number Variable.
  • CopyVariable

    Copy the value of a Variable to another Variable.
  • SetRandomNumber

    Randomize a whole number into a variable with minimum and maximum values defined.
  • ToggleVariable

    Switch the value of a boolean variable (True / False).