Asset Guidelines (IPR)

When creating assets for Dized you should always try to optimize them. Dized runs on several platforms and all kinds of devices with different performance capabilities. Optimized assets will give the user the smoothest possible experience no matter what their preferred system is.

It is to be noted that this page focused on guidelines, which are not hard limits. Content creators should always use their judgement when creating the assets, and when unsure, ask for help in the Dized Content Creator Community on Discord. For example, if a content uses lots of objects in animations, it might make sense to use a bit lower resolution images in the textures, or use 3D objects with lower poly counts. On the other hand, if a specific object is being inspected very closely on the screen, maybe a higher resolution texture or higher polycount object makes sense. So clarify, the resolution plays a bigger part here than the actual size of the file, so try to abide by the instructions below!

2D – Images and Textures

For textures and other 2D bitmap artwork you should choose a size that will look good for the size of the piece as it is displayed on screen. Typically we can use the physical size of the game component, for example, to select the most appropriate size(s).

Supported Filetypes: JPG and PNG (when you need to use transparency.)

(Note: Animated GIFs or video files are not supported).

The following texture size recommendations list only the higher measurement. For example, if a playing card is 63 × 88 mm (or 2.5 by 3.5 inches), the longer measurement (88mm) could be 512px, and the other one 367px (63/88*512px=367px).


  • 512px maximum dimensions for regular cards (under 10cm).
  • 1024px maximum dimensions for larger cards (over 10cm) and when you need to show details/small text on the card.

Tokens & Tiles

  • 256px maximum dimensions for most tokens (under 5cm).
  • 512px maximum for larger tokens (over 5cm).

Boards & Mats

  • 2048px maximum for larger boards (over 20cm).
  • 1024px maximum for player boards/mats (under 20cm).


3D – Models and Objects

Dized offers a library of pre-made 3D objects but also supports custom 3D models. Custom Objects currently support a single texture. All custom 3D models used in Dized should be low poly models (10k polygons or less).

NOTE: This guide will be updated soon with information how to format the 3D model files so that the object is the correct size and oriented correctly when imported to Dized.

Supported Filetypes for 3D models: OBJ, FBX

Low Poly 3D Models

  • 10,000 polygons or fewer. Sculpted miniatures and more complex game elements might have rather high polygon counts (especially detailed miniatures) but need to be optimized and brought down. Guidelines for formatting 3D models for mobile gaming also apply here.

Very Low Poly 3D Models

  • 250-1000 polygons. Tokens and player markers are usually quite low poly.

Pre-made Dized 3D Models

  • Many different options are already pre-made for you in Dized. Check out the objects available in the CCT to see what you can use without requiring a custom model.