Audio – Music and SFX

Music – General Notes

The amount and length of music available in a Dized content depends on how long it takes players to finish the content. A good rule of thumb is that songs playing in the background shouldn’t be repeated more than 2-3 times during the content, or it has a risk of becoming repetitive and potentially even annoying. This of course really depends on the style of the soundtrack. Songs that are more for ambience and have less regognizeable melodies can be used more extensive for long times.

For example: if a Dized content is estimated to last about 30 minutes, about 15 minutes of music (or more) would be ideal.

Music is set by setting the $music variable to an audio file. Once set the audio is played repeatedly, until the value is changed. You can stop playing music by setting $music to empty.

It’s recommended that any music used in Dized is leveled (or normalized) so that volume levels between songs are similar. Songs should be uploaded with their normal full volume. Dized plays background music at 20% volume by default, and users can change this value in the app

Find Music on Alibi Music Library!

Dized pays a licence to Alibi Music, and all audio content available on Alibi can be used freely within Dized contents. Just create yourself an Alibi account and you can then search and download the music and sound effects (SFX).

Which version of the song to use? Many tracks on Alibi have several different versions available, and many of them extra bits of audio at the end of the track. The easiest thing is to download theRadio Edit version, which does not have these extra bits, so you most likely don’t need to edit the Audio at all.

What file format is recommended? Dized accepts several different audio file formats, but MP3 is the recommendation.

You can find Alibi Music Library at

SFX (Sound Effects)

Dized does not yet support usage of sound effects, but this feature is being developed and will become available in the coming months.