Dized Review

Dized Review

Dized performs a review for all new content about to be published into Dized. A review might also be conducted for a content update, for example if the content has changed substantially.

Why is the review conducted?

Dized focuses on improving the tabletop gaming experience. To make sure end users (players) can expect good quality content Dized performs a review to make sure the content has been done according to the Dized Quality Standards.

How long does the Review take?

Typically the review will be conducted within 48 hours from submission.

What is being reviewed?

  • Overall quality of graphics, audio, animations and/or other applicable aspects,
  • Suitability for kids and families,
  • The rights for the entity to publish the content (copyright to the IP), and
  • Other potential issues that might harm the user experience.

What will not be reviewed?

  • Accuracy of content itself, for example if game rules are correct.
  • Copyrights of individual assets (this is the content creator’s responsibility).

What happens when the Review is accepted?

If the content is accepted then it’s immediately published into Dized. It’s also possible to agree on an alternative publishing schedule by contacting Dized before the Review.

What if the content does not pass the Review?

If the content doesn’t pass the Dized review for any reason, the publisher is given the list of reasons with suggestions on how to adjust the content so that it passes the review.

Dized performs a review for all content before it’s published.

NOTE: Dized review does not include testing the content itself, like evaluating if a tutorial uses a good method to teach a game.