Object Editor – Editing and Updating Objects

Source Objects can be edited in the Object Editor as follows:

  1. Click the three dots on any Object, and
  2. Select Edit.

Editing a source Object in Object Editor does not automatically update the already created clones used in the content.

To Update clones to match the source Object:

  1. Click the teal button with three dots on any Object,
  2. Select Update (Option not available if no clones exist),
  3. Select which Attributes should be Updated,
  4. Select  NEXT,
  5. Select in which Steps these Attributes should be updated to. The Attributes will be updated to all clones of the source Object in selected Steps, and
  6. Select  UPDATE.
  7. Depending on the amount of Steps and Objects, the update process might take a little while. An indicator of the process is shown.

Select attributes to update

Select Steps to update

Update progress