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Find Music and SFX on Alibi Music!

Dized has a blanket licence for audio usage from Alibi Music. Dized content creators may use any music and sound effects available on this site, but ONLY for the usage with content within the Dized platform. This means that using audio from Alibi for example in a YouTube trailer video for the game is not covered by the Dized license. 

Content Creators must report any and all audio used from Alibi to Dized ([email protected]). This information includes:

  • DIZED Game Name
  • DIZED Content Type (Tutorial / Other)
  • Published on DIZED Date
  • ALIBI Content Type (Song / SFX)
  • ALIBI Media Name
  • ALIBI Media URL

Any audio usage from Alibi must be reported to Dized.

FAQ About Using Alibi Music

  • How do I download music on Alibi?
    • Just create yourself a free Alibi Music account at and use their search engine to find desired content. You can then download the content and upload it to Dized.
  • Do I need to edit the audio?
    • Most likely not (though see also the next point about versions). If you use several songs their volumes might be a bit different from each other, so in order to create a more uniform soundscape it might be a good idea to adjust the volume levels with an audio program like Audacity.
  • Which version of the song to use?
    • Many tracks on Alibi have several different versions available, and many of them extra bits of audio at the end of the track. The easiest thing is to download the Radio Edit version, which does not have these extra bits, so you most likely don’t need to edit the Audio at all. If you do, then you can use a program like Audacity for it (link above).
  • What file format is recommended?
    • Dized accepts several different audio file formats, but MP3 is the recommendation.
  • Why do I need to report to Dized what Audio I’ve used?
    • Dized reports to Alibi which songs have been used, and for this we need to collect the information.

Using Another Source for Audio?

There are of course other platforms online that sell audio, and maybe you’re a composer yourself? Dized content creators are free to use any audio in their contents with the following conditions:

  1. They possess the necessary rights to publish the content into Dized, and
  2. They grant a free licence for Dized to use the audio in the Dized content in perpetuity.